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Lubbock, Texas: How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack (Weaponized Virus)

Justin M. Diaz 1241 Kildeer Drive Norfolk, VA 23502

If we could look into the minds of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Islamic radicals we would likely see that many obsess over the day they can play a part in the slaying of the Great Satan, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad likes to calls the United States of America.

Enough terrorists have been caught and enough intelligence gathered by western governments to know that terrorists are actively seeking nuclear weapons, as well as chemical and biological weapons, and have been for several years. Rumors abound of Russian nukes making their way to the black market, as well as nuclear-armed North Korea in an alliance with Iran, helping Iranian scientists in the development of nuclear weapons. Those are the rumors anyway. Add Russian scientists to that list by the way.

The odds of a major terrorist strike aren't going away simply because more time is passing since 9-11. A smart bet, considering all the evidence, is that terrorists will strike, and America will suffer a serious set back at some point in the near future.

Every year that Radical Islam grows in global reach and people sworn to it's cause is like a game of Russian roulette, where America just keeps getting lucky. Odds are that luck is going to run out.

On the topic of survival, let's talk about this threat of biological and chemical weapons (or simply "bio-chemical weapons"). If you're like one of millions of Americans, there's a good chance you live in or near a major city that may just suffer a bio-chemical attack.

Think back to the two major world wars in the first half of the 20th century, and even back to the 19th century -- bio-chemical weapons have been used to kill enemy populations, such as Native Americans being given blankets by U.S. forces that were previously exposed to small pox. (The data appears to be mixed on whether or not this was intentional or if it even ever happened. Regardless, large numbers of Native Americans died as a result of small-pox. Was any of that exposure to small pox ntentional? We may never know for sure.)

Anthrax and Other Bio-Chemical Weapons

Then there are other types of bio-chemical weapons, such as anthrax. According to one report, the U.S. military is so concerned about the threat of anthrax that they hope to take steps to give vaccines to 2.4 million of their active troops to protect them from enemy attacks.

How Prevalent Are Bio-Chemical Weapons?

In the years leading up to World War II, nations such as America and Russia began to manufacture and stockpile bio-chemical weapons, until in recent decades these nations and others agreed to stop.

According to Wikipedia, China, Syria, Sudan and North Korea are all suspected of having stockpiles of bio-chemical weapons. See this article.

Look closely at that list of suspected nations and reflect on it for a moment.

There's always the possibility that some of these stocks could end up in the hands of terrorists, should an under-paid government worker ever decide to take a bribe. In the modern world, that almost ensures that some of these stocks are going to end up on the black market. We can safely assume that a terrorist organization has direct access to bio-chemical weapons.

But, unfortunately for America -- we are also very, very hated by many people in foreign governments, probably every single government listed above.

Much could be written -- and much has been publicized in various news articles -- that point to a clear and present danger from multiple terrorist attacks with biological or chemical weapons, which any rogue nation (such as Iran or North Korea) has the means to produce.

Rather than go into all the details, and potentially scare the pants off every reader today -- let's focus on what this article is supposed to be about -- that's survival.

The only real way to survive a bio-chemical attack is to reduce the odds of ones exposure to the bacteria / virus / chemical once the initial cries go out on the news about people getting sick, people dying.

With the advances of technology and bio-engineering, there's even the grim possibility of a rogue nation launching a bio-chemical attack, where many get sick and die, and government scientists and of course the general public have no idea what is going on. With bio-engineering it's possible that a bio-chemical could even be cloaked to look like something other that what it is. Read specifics at this link.

How to Survive a Bio-Chemical Attack

First, understand how a biological or chemical agent could be delivered. By air, by water, by food... even by clothing and other materials in our environment. They can also be spread by animals (fleas, mosquitoes, rodents, livestock). In the event of mysterious deaths suddenly taking place, it would be smart to consider that a bio-chemical attack or series of attacks was possibly being unleashed on the nation, and to immediately cease and desist all contact with major population centers... as well as other people in contact with these major population centers.

That's in the first couple days of the attack. As days progress, and potential bio-chemical agents are carried to small towns by a fleeing population, many unknowingly "infected" (in the case of a virus), or simply "carriers" in the case of a chemical, less contact with people would be a very smart move.

With advances in today's technology, who knows what the next "small pox" attack -- such as seen in centuries past -- is going to look like in the 21st century.

Food Additives

Outside of a terrorist attack, the public is aware by now of all the harmful "additives" that can be found in many household products, whether for cleaning the home or just for personal hygiene. China has built itself a reputation for manufacturing products that have been later found to possess harmful materials -- such as this report by the FDA in 2007 advising people to avoid toothpaste labeled as "made in China", due to dangers related to one of the ingredients. Sure, the reports of items from China with dangerous ingredients aren't the norm (China produces many safe products), but they are in a way a possible "foreshadowing" of what could take place should truly dangerous ingredients ever make their way into mass produced products -- and be "cloaked" from early-detection by simple advances in technology. Remember what happened when American scientist beat the Nazis to the first working nuclear weapon? This new technology led to America bringing Japan to a fast surrender in World War II, after we destroyed two major cities with just two bomb drops. Who's to say that can't happen to America? If foreign scientists discover a new way to hit America, America can suffer a major loss.

Surviving Widespread Death - Minimize Contact with Others

If we were to suffer an attack -- an unexpected attack -- and mysterious deaths occur around the nation, if you need to stock up on groceries, don't head to a major supermarket. There's too many people, too many chances of coming in close contact with a carrier of a bio-chemical agent (or deadly virus). Instead, make a 30 minute drive to a distant small town, grab your food and water there, grab gas for your car, then head back to your home (unless you live in a major city, you may not want to head back). Now it's time to attempt to hunker down for the next few weeks while all hell essentially breaks loose and millions die as a result of the bio-chemical agents being unleashed.

If you know someone who lives in a distant small town make plans in advance to hunker down with them -- (I suggest the small town because of the reduced risk of exposure to other people who may be carrying an active biological agent or germ without even realizing it.)

Danger of Bio-Chemical Weapons at America's Shipping Ports

It's because of tomorrow's technology that we need to fear the world's current import / export system. Homeland Security it turns out only scans a small percentage of imports, which means a lot of things can get into America undetected. Just ask any major smuggler. Our government spends a lot of money on port security -- but not enough.

With that in mind, I'm going to suggest something that may seem like an extreme step, and it is an extreme step...

Get Rid of All Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Mouthwash

Why would I tell you to get rid of all these items? Because -- in a widespread bio-chemical attack, with people mysteriously dying -- lots of people -- we need to consider the ways that a foreign government could reach us. If in theory we could be attacked through our food supply, and through items that are shipped from overseas, then this needs to be considered in the event of massive deaths from mysterious causes. Does that make sense? We'll have to ask ourselves -- what is going on? Why are people dying? As theories and suspicions make the news, I suggest people eliminate all risk of product poisoning -- by getting rid of all mass produced products from their homes. This is an extreme step to take -- but when mass casualties are taking place across the nation and the western world -- it calls for an extreme response.

Dump the mass produced brand names. Stock up in advance on locally produced brands, if that's possible. Never use items just purchased off a store shelf. Instead, buy items months before you're going to use them, and then store these items on a shelf in your home. Let a few weeks or months go by, then CYCLE these items into use. As these items are used, purchase new items and put these on the back shelf for later use.

Stop Drinking Water Out of the Faucet

What if terrorist strike America's many water reservoirs, and do so with a bio-chemical agent our water companies are unable to detect? In the event of an outbreak, go immediately to bottled water. To reduce the risk that the bottled water itself has been poisoned, perhaps at the facility or facilities where it's bottled, drink water that's been sitting in your pantry for a couple months. Drinking it right off the store shelf during a time of bio-chemical attacks is taking a risk. In the end, there's always a chance that multiple shipping and product channels have been targeted. It's been reported that at one time Osama Bin Laden had even considered the idea of poisoning America's cocaine supply... the fact is, these people want to kill us, and they have had a lot of time to think of ways they can strike.

Tips for Surviving Contamination Zone

Escape Crosswind - Let's say you are in an area that's struck by a bio-chemical attack... perhaps a small plane -- a crop-duster -- drops anthrax or some other dangerous bio-chemical weapon from the air over a city and a light breeze carries it for many miles and many people are affected. Once you know something's taking place, one way to avoid contact is to head "cross-wind" -- if the wind is coming from the north or south, you'll head east or west, whichever direction leads away from the nearest population center or downtown area of a city. Practice Good Handwashing - Should you come in contact with anyone carrying something such as a new strain of the bird-flu, wash your hands thoroughly, and often. You can wash these germs right off your hands before you've even contracted the virus. Get rid of any and all clothing you were wearing at the airport, on the bus, in a supermarket, etc, where you had contact with other people. Keep bottles of hand-sanitizer close at hand, and use frequently during the initial hours and days (even weeks) of outbreak.

Boil Your Water - Boiling is said to kill most biological agents. Of course, if this is a man-made chemical we're talking about, you may not be able to "kill it". Boiling may not work in this case.

Wear Disposable Gloves - Be sure to replace / dispose of them before any possible cross-contamination with another person or object can take place.

Wear A Surgical Mask - For the same reason that doctors and nurses wear these around sick patients. If it's a new strain of the bird-flu or other lethal virus a surgical mask (worn correctly) can help you avoid breathing contaminated air (such as in a building) or out in public around other people.

Have a Plan - Be well stocked up on emergency food and water, both at home and at work, as well as in the trunk of your car, if possible. Why risk shopping for food and water after an emergency is declared? Have survival supplies well in advance (and be sure to check dates on non-perishable food and replace foods that will soon expire).

Have Several Weeks Worth of Food and Water - If you've been told to simply have three days worth of emergency food and water for every person in your home, forget you ever heard that. Think more like several weeks' worth of food and water -- if America is struck by a truly catastrophic serious of bio-chemical attacks, you need to be thinking of the long-term.


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Glendale, Arizona: Scientists find brain differences in pedophiles

Sam P. Williams 1351 Harron Drive Baltimore, MD 21202


Although sexual abuse of children is not tolerated in any society, the reasons why pedophiles pursue their urges remain unclear. A team of German scientists has been looking in the brain for answers.

Researchers at the sexual medicine department at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) have publicized specific findings about the brains of pedophiles. In their research, they are using magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), an imaging process that creates cross-section images of body parts - allowing doctors to see directly into patient's brains.

Though international research is being carried out in France, Canada, and Scandinavia, there are few studies on the function of the brain, pointed out psychologist and psychotherapist Jorge Ponseti.

"MRT offers the ideal conditions for investigating the activity and structure of the brain," he said. "The wonderful thing is that - without having to cut open the head - we can see with great spatial precision which regions of the brain are more active and which aren't."

Below-average intelligence

Within an association of five research institutes searching for the causes of pedophilia, the team at the UKSH is the only one working with magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).

This use of MRT has enlarged the understanding of pedophilia. Doctors have now identified a number of signs that can point to a successful diagnosis: "Pedophiles show a string of neuropsychological characteristics," said Ponseti. "For example, their intelligence quotient is about 8 percentage points lower than the average."

Though pedophilia has major impacts, its causes remain unknown "It's also interesting that the age of the victim is related to the IQ of the abuser," he added. "So the dumber the criminal, the younger the child."

Apart from that, there is evidence that pedophiles are physically smaller than average, and Canadian investigators have found that the average pedophile suffered twice as many head injuries in his childhood than average.

Illness or sexual orientation?

The work done in Kiel depends on strict anonymity. For that reason, the University Medical Center was equipped with a hotline and a special Internet portal.

"That was important, because not every pedophile abuses children and becomes a criminal," said Ponseti - though he admits that it's difficult for the parent of a victim to accept the distinction. Many people don't know that doctors classify pedophilia as an illness, though only if the person or another suffers as a result of the urges. "According to the new American psychiatric classification system, a person is only classified as a pedophile if that person acts on their sexual attraction to children - or at least suffers from the fact that they have this attraction," said Ponseti. "If he has this attraction without abusing a child, then we can call it a sexual orientation."

All the tests in Kiel happen in the Medical Center's neurological center, where computer images of sexually aroused heterosexual brains are stored. The images show active brain regions, lit up an intense red-orange color as strong blood flow causes high oxygen content.

MRT imaging is used to track brain activity

"You can see the reward center very clearly on these pictures," explained Ponseti. "In the visual cortex further down, a stronger visual analysis happens as soon as an adult heterosexual man sees a woman of the same age. The exact same regions activate in a pedophile's brain when they see a naked child."

In order to test this, every subject is shown various images - including cars, houses, holiday scenes, and images meant to arouse pedophiles. Initially the MRT image shows only typical black-and-white blocks. Only a complicated algorithm allows the doctors to make their assessment. Pedophile - yes or no?

"We calculate the activation of a single brain in relation to the average group activation," explained Ponseti. "In comparison to other subjects, we can then recognize whether a particular subject is a pedophile or not. And we were correct in 95 percent of cases."

As well as through brain activity, the researchers also use imaging processes to find differences in brain structure. With special programs on tablet PCs, the doctors test impulsivity and empathy. "If we also carry out blood tests and make genetic and neurotransmitter analyses, maybe we will begin to track down the mystery of pedophilia," Ponseti said.

"The MRT can tell us who is a pedophile - but, unfortunately, not why."


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North Las Vegas, Nevada: People in Hong Kong are moving into 20-square-foot 'coffin homes' to save money

Leonard K. Watts 1510 Bluff Street Indian Head, MD 20640

Simon Wong has spent the last 20 years learning the hard way how to live with less. Less clutter, less money, and, most noticeably, less space.

Wong, a 61-year-old Hong Kong resident, is one of a growing number of citizens forced into so-called "coffin homes," 20-square-foot cages that offer just enough space to lie down and hang a few shirts and pairs of pants.

His monthly rent of $226 would be enough to share a roomy one-bedroom apartment in many American towns (though admittedly it would only be enough to rent a closet in big cities like New York City and San Francisco). Instead, his living space measures just 4'x6'.

Hong Kong's housing prices are currently at an all-time high, with the average price per square foot now hovering around $1,380. (In New York City, it's roughly $1,645.) Hong Kong's chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, has called the housing crisis "the gravest potential hazard" to society, as only 7% of the city's land is zoned for housing.

People like Wong are casualties of that affordable-housing scarcity. The government estimates some 200,000 people live in coffin homes, but as a spokesperson for the Society for Community Organization told Reuters, the true number could be much higher.

Wong says he's applied for public housing, but has received no response indicating whether he's been accepted or denied.

His only luxury may be that he's single. Unlike people living with family members or spouses, he doesn't have to negotiate scarce resources like food or privacy. Some families have no choice but to live in subdivided housing, meaning a father and daughter could live in one room while the mother and son live down the hall.

Wong, meanwhile, is free to watch TV or smoke a cigarette within the confines of his box at all hours of the day.

Hong Kong has announced plans to build more affordable homes over the next decade. By 2027, it plans to add 280,000 public homes and 180,000 private homes.

But in the meantime, many residents have no choice but to move into increasingly smaller homes, even if it means sacrificing every last creature comfort for a roof over their heads.


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Chesapeake, Virginia: Brain transplant

David L. Adams 2921 Gambler Lane Sugar Land, TX 77487

As usual, the media prefer the most spectacular headlines, regardless of whether they misrepresent the meaning of the article. In this case, for example, the headline was taken from a rather secondary part of the interview. The following:

Is there an organ, today irreplaceable, but that will be [transplanted] in the future?

The brain.

Will it be viable?

To make it replaceable, we should know how to connect with the bone marrow the fibers leaving the central nervous system, otherwise... We are still far away, although we would like to be able to do it, for that would mean being able to cure quadriplegia and paraplegia. ...

Can you give me an example?

Consider what it would mean to people like Stephen Hawking, with a privileged brain, which you could transplant into a healthy body. Or many vegetative diseases that spoil the motor part of a body, with a healthy brain. It could be an unbeatable form of treatment, but we are far from it. Conceptually it would be the panacea.

Science fiction, obviously, but as usual, the writers of this literary genre had anticipated it. In 1928, Edgar Rice Burroughs (the author of Tarzan of the Apes) published The Master Mind of Mars, sixth in the series about John Carter of Mars. In this novel, he tackles brain transplantation as follows:

Ras Thavas is the mastermind of Mars, the man who has managed to solve the problem of brain transplant. In his laboratory, hidden in an almost inaccessible Martian place, Ras Thavas has found a practical application for his discovery by means of a new form of commerce: the sale of young bodies to rich old people. To do this, he organizes a slave buying and a kidnapping network, to obtain healthy bodies to be sold to his clients. Then he extracts the brain in the body and replaces it by his client’s brain, so that the latter recover their youth (according to Ras Thavas, or rather Burroughs, the brain does not age). But the mastermind of Mars has a problem: he is old and would like to use his own rejuvenating procedure, but cannot operate on himself and does not trust any of his assistants, who could cause his death in order to replace him. Just then Captain Ulysses Paxton, of the United States Army, arrives in Mars. He has no relation to any Martian, and therefore should be exempt from local ambitions. Ras Tha vas decides to instruct him, so that he will be able to perform the operation. Unfortunately, Paxton falls in love with a beautiful Martian girl whose body has been sold to a rich old woman, and promises her to recover it...

In a masterly way, Burroughs predicts in this novel almost all the ways in which brain transplant, if possible, could be misused. For instance, experimenting with mixed beings, partially human and partially animals, to which just half of the brain would have been transplanted. One of them, half ape and half man, becomes one of Paxton’s best helpers, when Paxton promises to return him his original body and his missing half brain.

What is the main scientific failure of the novel? That the brain also ages, and while a transplant to a healthier body could help an incapacitated person (as Matesanz suggests), it would not help to reach immortality.

Fortunately, brain transplantation, if possible, is so far away in time that we can forget about it, at least for the rest of the 21st century. It will be noticed that none of the futurologists who promise immediate immortality resort to this procedure to make it possible.


The interrogators admitted to using torture, but denied “sexual harassment, [extreme physical torture] and spitting.”


San Bernardino, California: Unchecked immigration will destroy Europe and the U.S.

Gerald L. Sanchez 4917 Small Street New York, NY 10019

Back when I was in school, I performed a scientific experiment in which I poured a liquid of one color into a beaker that contained liquid of a different color. At first the liquid in the beaker was diluted, but as I kept pouring, the poured liquid eventually overtook the liquid in the beaker, creating an entirely new substance.

That's what is happening in Europe as thousands of migrants flee their home countries, seeking refuge in the European Union. Germany, alone, is expected to have received 800,000 migrants by the end of the year, four times last year's number.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suspended the EU's Dublin Regulation for Syrian migrants. Under the rule, writes The Telegraph, "...migrants can only apply for asylum in the first EU member state they enter, and face deportation if they try to apply in another. But Germany ... has now ordered its officers to process applications from Syrians even if they have made their way through other EU countries."

Critics of the Dublin Regulation have called it expensive and ineffective. Many Syrian migrants reach Greece first, but decline to seek asylum there, preferring to push on toward Hungary, which is considered the gateway to Europe. Merkel has said she might reinstate border checks, which was a regular practice before the EU was created. She should.

That most of these migrants come from Muslim countries raises several important questions. The first is how many actual or potential terrorists are among them? Second, why would Muslims, many of whom believe the West is decadent and anti-God, want to come toEurope? Third, why haven't these migrants sought refuge in other Muslim countries, which one might think would be their first priority?

No nation, no continent, can survive uncontrolled immigration, especially when it involves people whose language, religion, culture and worldview differ -- in some cases radically -- from the countries to which they are migrating. Uncontrolled migration in Europe and illegal immigration in the United States spell an eventual death knell for both countries, which is, no doubt, the intent of ISIS, which is reportedly backing this flood of humanity. Will those flooding Europe eventually embrace European values, or when their numbers grow to the point where they form a significant percentage of the population, will the migrants demand that their values and religion dominate?

In the U.S., cries of "racism" in the immigration debate have replaced sound reason. But this isn't about discriminating against people of a different language or color; it is about preserving what we have, not only for those of us who have contributed to making America what it is, but also for immigrants who would not only like to partake of our success, but contribute to it. If nations want to preserve the lifestyles and culture which they and their forebears have worked and fought to create and sustain for themselves, their posterity and for immigrants, borders must be controlled and assimilation must be a top priority for those who are allowed to enter. Otherwise, nations become disunited with competing subsets jostling for power, influence and benefits.

Those who support "open borders" have an obligation to tell us when enough is enough. Must we wait until the American "liquid," which contains the values, faith and prosperity from capitalism that built and sustained us through wars and depressions, is replaced by a different "liquid"? What happens when the "takers" outnumber the "makers"? If we wait for that day to arrive before we act, it will be too late.

Yes, give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free -- but legally, in an orderly fashion and not en masse. And let's also learn what these migrants and immigrants likely mean by "freedom." If they mean Sharia law, that is not freedom for Europe, or for America.

If the EU and the U.S. fail to address this very real crisis, we and they are assisting in national suicide.


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Fremont, California: Can Child Sex Dolls Prevent Pedophiles From Offending?

Walter L. Curtis 2001 Lynch Street San Francisco, CA 94107

The Libertarian Republic

Trottla, a company run by known pedophile Shin Takagi, creates eerily life-like child sex dolls for those with pedophilia.

The Japanese company creates the dolls to provide pedophiles with an outlet for their sexual impulses. “I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically.” Takagi told The Atlantic.

The dolls, some modeled to be as young as five years old, are meant to be as authentic as possible. The synthetic material used for the skin is supposed to feel similar to human skin. Anatomically, the dolls are disturbingly close to real children. In fact, the more petite models even have ribs and hip bones just beneath the skin. The level of detail in each doll is unnerving.

Clients can place special orders to customize the doll’s aesthetic, including clothing, age, facial expression, and custom features like tails or horns. The materials used to create the dolls are potentially hazardous, so discarding the dolls is complicated. If they need to dispose of their doll, clients must send it back to Trottla. One client wanted Takagi to “send [the doll] back home.”

Takagi hopes his dolls give pedophiles a healthy channel for their urges. Is it possible to be a non-offending pedophile, though? The words pedophile and child molester are often used interchangeably, but is there more to it?

It is vitally important to separate pedophilia from child molestation. Doing so does not justify or condone either. It simply allows two distinct but related issues to be addressed correctly.

Despite popular usage, pedophilia is a specific and limited term. Strictly speaking, pedophilia is a persistent sexual interest in prepubescent children. Although a definitive cause for pedophilia has not been discerned, many have had unhealthy or traumatic experiences in their childhood. This sexual interest is divorced from action, meaning pedophilic attraction does not always lead to assault against a child.

This distinction has found support in scientific work. David Riegel (2004) found that the vast majority (78.6%) of respondents (self-identified boy-preferring pedophiles) reported no legal history as a result of allegations of sexual contact with a boy. Dr. Michael C. Seto (2006) studied men who are likely pedophilic (all had child pornography charges), finding that 57% had no known history of sexual contact with a child.

In fact, there are so-called “virtuous pedophiles,” who have never offended but are living with pedophilic attraction. They are committed to avoid the abuse of children while acknowledging their attraction to children. Their website provides a forum for these people to talk through everything from their sexual struggles to their favorite movie. For more on “virtuous pedophiles,” look into Barcroft TV’s video on Todd Nickerson, a member and public advocate for the group.

As troubling as this whole phenomenon is, the big questions remains. Will Trottla’s dolls help pedophiles or hurt them?

It depends on who you ask.

Takagi and his clients would wholeheartedly endorse child sex dolls. Dr. Vivienne Cass, a clinical psychologist and sexual therapist, agrees. She told BuzzFeed News that “engaging with a doll provides a safe and private outlet” for pedophiles. Furthermore, Dr. Cass said “access to sex dolls might be considered a compassionate act for such individuals.”

However, Dr. Peter Fargan does not share this sentiment. The paraphilia researcher told The Atlantic that child sex dolls may “cause [pedophilia] to be acted upon with greater urgency.”

He pointed to a study from Dr. Drew Kingston in which pornography usage was associated with higher rates of violent and sexual reoffending in high-risk child molesters. Also, deviant pornography (including child pornography) was associated with higher rates of violent and sexual reoffending across all child molesters. Dr. Fargan suggests that Trottla’s dolls may have a similar reinforcing effect.

That being said, this work was done with child molesters and pornography not pedophiles and child sex dolls. It does not translate neatly, but it is possible that the child sex dolls may rile up some high-risk pedophiles.

Dr. Seto makes this same point in The Atlantic piece. He says “for some pedophiles, access to artificial child pornography or to child sex dolls could be a safer outlet for their sexual urges, reducing the likelihood that they would seek out child pornography or sex with real children. For others, having these substitutes might only aggravate their sense of frustration.”

Specialized research is the only thing that will accurately reveal the efficacy of child sex dolls.

Whatever the result, though, this is a disheartening, troubling, and outraging topic. Pedophilia is a worldwide taboo that evokes visceral reactions. This proposed solution to the pedophilia problem is off-putting, even if it works. The use of child sex dolls is complex and controversial, to say the least. That being said, it is far from settled.


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Boise City, Idaho: Would you have this bizarre procedure to boost your penis size?

Gregg C. Campbell 3893 Dane Street New Bedford, MA 02740

LADS are forking out £4,500 for thicker manhoods.

Daily Star, By Sarah Buchanan / Published 9th March 2016

Lots of lads are obsessed with the look and size of their penis.

And for those who feel like they’re seriously lacking in the trouser department, getting penis enlargement surgery or penoplasty might seem like the only option.

But length isn’t all that matters – a new cosmetic trend is seeing men opt for surgery to increase their girth down below.

Speaking exclusively to, certified plastic surgeon Dr David Alessi revealed everything you need to know about penis priming procedures.

“Men are asking for increase in girth,” he said.

But what does it take to bulk out the circumference of your trouser snake?

“Fat injections to increase girth involve taking fat from the belly and injecting it deeply into the penis," he continued.

The procedure takes around 45 minutes and will set you back £4,500 but you have abstain from sex for six weeks to let the penis heal.

As for the results of the manhood makeover, don’t expect to stretch more than 1inch wider than you were before.

And Dr Alessi revealed that the long-term effects of the procedure could be less than desirable.

“Unfortunately, upwards of 90% of men are dissatisfied with the results,” he said.

While penis enlargement surgery lasts forever, the same can’t be said for a girth job.

Shockingly just 12 months after going under the knife a man’s penis can become flat and uneven and it can also suffer from scarring.

“Lumpiness and loss of most of the fat within one year is the norm,” Dr Alessi admitted.

The medic, who founded the Alessi Institutes and Face Forward, a charity offering free procedures for victims of domestic abuse, warned that lads’ obsession with penis size could be a symptom of a serious psychological problem.

He said: “Most men who think they have a small penis actually don’t. Studies vary, but research suggests that the average erect penis ranges from under five inches to just under six inches.

“Most men who think their penis is too small have penis dysmorphic syndrome and would be better off seeing a shrink and not a surgeon.”


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